*Shipping fees for BENELUX and Germany are free from 80€ of purchase, and free for France and UK from 120€ of purchase.

Belgium, Netherland, Luxembourg, Germany --> 8€*

France, UK --> 12€*

Italy, Spain, Danemark, Sweden, Poland, Hungary --> 17€

Austia, Finlande, Portugal, Greece, Ireland --> 20€

Canada, Switzerland, Turkey --> 23€

Norway --> 26€

Croatia --> 29€

USA, Russia, Japan, China, Brasil, Thailand, Taiwan --> 35€

Croatia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Czech Republic--> 29€

Australia --> 37€

DOMTOM --> 45€


Terms and Conditions - Stoemp StreetWebShop


1. Preamble

These conditions are made between, firstly, 33 Chenoys SPRL, included in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number BE0822.886.830, rue des Wallons 14, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve hereinafter "Stoemp" and, on the other hand, persons wishing to make a purchase via the website of the Stoemp ( hereinafter called "the customer".

2. Scope

These terms apply to any sale of the products presented on the site Any order placed with Stoemp necessarily involves the validation of the general conditions of sales here below and thus causes the unconditional acceptance of them.

3. Stocks

The state of stocks listed on the site is an indication, the update is done in real time, however, it is possible that two customers order the last article in a series at the same time or a customer buys the same item in the physical store. Under these conditions Stoemp agrees to offer a new delivery period depending on the supplier to delay one of the two customers in the event the item ordered must be reissued. If the article should not be republished, Stoemp undertakes to refund in the form of purchase order or cancel the order and refund the customer as soon as possible.

4. Delivery and deadlines

Regarding delays, Stoemp is committed to deliver the order to a carrier within 3 days from the day the payment is validated by the financial institution that manages collections of credit cards. 
Upon delivery, if lost, Stoemp undertakes to make a refund only after the carrier has officially declared loss products ordered. In order to secure all items, they are sent in large envelopes or boxes through one of the delivery services Stoemp is working with.

5. Validation Contract

The sales contract is considered concluded only after the customer's account has been debited for payments by credit card. In the case of payment by bank transfer, the sales contract is considered concluded once the payment has been recorded on the Stoemp’s bank account.

6. Checkout

When you arrive on website, the homepage offers various categories of products sold for a more efficient search. 
To purchase a product; simply click on the sheet product of your choice. 
To order, simply choose your size and quantities and click on "add to cart". 
Your order will be automatically added to your cart, you can then continue shopping and do the same for other models. 
For each model selected, the basket is filled in the menu " Cart" button on the top of the page. 
Once the cart is filled, it remains to place an order by clicking the "Cart" button and confirm it by clicking the “checkout” button. Ordering implies that the customer provides their shipping addresses and billing accuracy, verify the exact amount that will be charged the price including VAT for each item and the price inclusive of postage, selects the mode of delivery and the mode payment and click on "review order". 
Upon receiving the order, the customer receives an envelope or package containing the item ordered.

7. Secure Payment

The online payment of credit card products is made through Paypal. The data recorded by the Paypal payment system constitutes proof of financial transactions by credit card. Paypal does not transmit information relating to payment by credit card, except where necessary, in case of complaint duly expressed on a particular transaction. 
The client states have all the necessary authorizations for payment by credit card during the order validation. In cases of suspected fraud, Stoemp reserves the right to initiate an additional information to a client asking various documents and, following this procedure, to cancel or suspend any order or delivery, even in this If payment authorization issued by PayPal.

8. Faculty of withdrawal only for individuals

Under the conditions provided by law and as part of distance selling, the buyer has a withdrawal period of 14 clear days after the delivery of the order to return it, which will be refunded against return of goods delivered. The buyer must return the goods in their original state. The return of goods is at the risk of the customer.

Procedure for returning goods will be sent within the confirmation email of the order. The customer must keep validated proof from the post office that his return merchandise has been collected and sent back to Stoemp, until Stoemp affectively received the returned package. Return cost is taking cared of by Stoemp only if the package is sent back from Belgium.

9. Freedom of Information Act

According to the Computer and Freedom law, the client has a right to access and modify any data. Stoemp guarantees the customer a total respect of confidential information stored on computer media. 
Stoemp undertakes not to divulge any information that would allow third parties to know the confidential information within the meaning of Computer and Freedom law.